What it feels like to have BPD.

"I'd rather be dead than have this disorder"

"The fears limit my life, the rage controls my moods and loneliness is a dismal pit.

"the counsellor i see does not take me seriously, it's like I have an extra head"

"all other mental health problems get treated, not this one"

"The raging and the crying and the yelling scares the crud out of me and, as tough as it is, must be twice as scary to those around me"

"My life is like a rollercoaster from hell"

"I go from disloyal to being loving and attentive, eating everything to eating nothing, begging my boyfriend to stay then pointing at him with a knife and ordering him to leave, cutting myself because I'm trying not to kill myself from all the pain"

"I dont want to go outside, let alone get dressed of a day, I keep forgetting to wash"

"It is the very worst to HOPE"

"I know so much pain will continue and I struggle to figure out if I can endure more"

"I felt all of my self hatred wash over me like a big, violent wave, and I can't breathe."

"your personality depends predominately on those around you, and you question every ideal and belief you have, not know if it's yours or not"
" I can't do it anymore"
"I want to break everything I see, I want to break me"
"I've spent a whole life "escaping" into other things like books, movies, tv shows, etc. when im forced to do something in the real world its just unbearable to even exist"
"The public health system will diagnose you but not inform you of your BPD diagnosis."
"I fight for health on a daily basis, it's exhaustuing"