Sunday, August 29, 2010

Movie: Tango and Cash

Tango and Cash 1989. Kurt Russell Sylvester Stallone

I sat down to watch this movie expecting a kind of buddy movie where they hate each other, then love each other. It was a lot darker and violent than I thought, and I'd also realised I'd seen it before some time in my life but didn't remember much. I actually enjoyed this movie much more than I should have. Made me miss the 80s again when even thing was more "raw" and the explosions weren't CGI. Teri Hatcher was cute, Kurt Russell had 80s hair, and Sly Stalone looked ok even with his giant glasses. I enjoyed it, glad I watched it.

Jack Palance, Brion James , Lewis Arquette 66 (Father of all those Arquettes), Edward Bunker, Roy Brocksmith, Michael Jeter (Mr Noodle)

The one-liners were so cheesy, but I laughed at some of them:

Note Worthy quotes:

Captain Schroeder: If you really wanted to stare death in the eye, you shoulda gotten married.

Ray Tango: [laughs] Is that a proposal?
*** *** *** 
Ray Tango: Glad you could drop in....

Face: Oh, f**k you.

Ray Tango: I prefer blondes.

*** *** ***
[Tango grabs a hefty submachine gun and hands Cash a pistol]

Ray Tango: Here.

Gabriel Cash: Aw, c'mon, how come yours is bigger than mine?

Ray Tango: Genetics, peewee.
*** *** ***
Apparently the scene where Tango faces the truck with just a gun and shoots the bad guys, at which point the truck stops and the baddies fall through the windscreen on too the ground, was borrowed from Jackie Chans Police Story. I so want to see that!
Patrick Swayze was considered for the part as Cash, which amuses me as I think both Kurt Russell and Swayze look very similar abd I was disappointed they never did a movie together. RIP PS.
Many of the main cast hace since passed on. It's a bit weird, hollywood shortens your lifespan maybe?
It was edited, music added, directors changed all over the place and ended up a bit disjointed.
Tango poked fun at Stallones character Rocky.

Patrick Swayze dropped out of this movie to do "Road House"and currently it and Tango and Cash have the same IMDB score of 5.8.

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