Monday, November 15, 2010

Her name is Izzy

I thought it was about time I wrote this post. Only a couple of days late. My car service is 5 months late. I'm always a little late. Anyway.

She's always getting into some mischief

Her first day here was trying time for both felines and humans alike. I spend all day and all night stopping her from getting into small spaces, showing her where her food and water was and making sure she didn't use the toilet where she wasn't supposed too. After 12 hours of trying to find small and dangerous places to hide, and after much patting and affection she finally settled down. Then she ate, drank and slept. I am pleased to report that there were no accidents anywhere, what a champ!

"I caught it. Now what?"

She is very stubborn and strong-willed. If she doesn't want to sleep on your lap, she wont and will sleep on a side table instead. Cat toys are not interesting, but straws are. She'll climb to get anywhere. Like up my leg to get on the computer desk and chew my fingers. Or up the lounge chair arm so I get get a closer look at her rear (blurk). She does the four claw kneading thing which is so adorable and has the cutest purr and meeeeew,

"What are you looking at?"

She still likes to hide, but will come out when called. Izzyizzyizzyizzyizzy! Her fur is soft and all members of the household are smitten with the kitten.

"Yes I DO have legs"

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  1. She is adorable! And such beautiful eyes!!