Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My poor sister is still in hospital.

My short hiatus is turning into much longer than I thought. My family and I have been through the full range of emotions. The ups and downs. She starts getting better, then she is back in ICU. It's been very tense, no one knows what the future will hold. The doctors can't diagnose whats wrong, or find appropriate treatment.

With my mental illness i can't cope. No one can  cope.I'm ready to pack my things and drive far away.

My unstable life became a hell of a lot more unstable. Too many people, too many phones, too many procedures, too much takeaway.

It's confusing, it's infuriating and there are no answers. Nothing to look forward to, no hope to cling to.

Life can change in an instant, and it did. A fit healthy person goes to work in the morning and comes back to the hospital in an ambulance. And stays there for two weeks and counting.

No diagnosis
No prognosis
No answers

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