Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I am miserable

I've been fighting it for a few days, I can't explain it. There seems to be so much death and destruction around at the moment. I feel guilty for being sick. Guilty for not living my life to the fullest and not even wanting to live at all sometimes. How dare I feel that way when so much is going on. How dare I put family members and friends through it, while they're already going through so much. As much as I want this pain to end, it will not end with the end of me. I will fight it as hard as I can, and on those days when I can't fight it, I'll bear it.  When I can't bear it, I will take a nap. I might not end world hunger or find a cure for cancer, but I do the best I can do.

RIP my Aunties.
Thinking of the QLD folk.

In other news, this funk has allowed me to catch up on a few movies. Six more in fact.

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