Sunday, January 2, 2011

Second Day of the Year!

So this year is flying by huh?

It's a bit of a heatwave here at the moment.

As mentioned my sister is out of hospital. She had a series of unexplained seizures. They were very bad and she coded a few times. After a million tests, three weeks in hospital and the right treatment finally, she's home. When she first got out she was very week and I had to look after her, and her medications. She'll be off work for a while yet. suddenly our finances took a plunge but so far everything has been ok. It's being a difficult shift having her at home full time all the time and me being her carer, instead of vice versa.

Here are some plans for the year.

1. Find a health care professional for me.

2. Organise my room

3.Cook more meals

4. Make more home made stuff

5. Sell more at the markets

6. Get my sister back at work

7. Go to meditation group frequently

8. Do more with my daughter

9. Take more photos

10. Write more on my blog

11. Watch 365 movies this year

12. More gardening.

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