Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fish in a bag (soap)

I've always been interested in soap-making, I haven't been game to make lye soap. So it's all melt a pour for me at the moment. This it the first soaps I made, many years ago, and i didn't make any more till now.
My first melt and pour soap

I thought "Fish in a bag" looked like fun, and be easy. It wasn't. It was quite challenging. I got a kit to make it simple(It wasn't).

This is the kit.

To give you an idea of what it's supposed to look like.fish in a bag. Cute huh?

This is what they're supposed to look like.
Instructions for 4

Melt enough soap to fill to 4 moulds to fit the fish in, the idea of this is to make a smaller soap that can be positioned within the the larger soap to make the fish stand upright and not appear dead. It suggested using ice cube tray and I did, but didn't like it. Next think I tried was a paper cup  cut down to about 5 cm (It was a McDonald's cup, don't judge me). Pour the soap into the cup and use the icy pole sticks to hold the fish  upright until the soap sets enough to hold it up(doesn't take long). If I did it again i think I'd pour the soap straight into the bag and put the fish in, manipulate the fish though the bag until it was in the right position, wait for it to set, then place the bag into the position I wanted it to set in.

Don't forget to put fragrance in the soap. Soap that doesn't smell is just weird.

Once the small mould with the fish in it has set, put it in the bag and pour more melted soap into the bag careful to keep the fish in the right position. Tie up the bag and place into the position you want it to harden in. You need to tie up the bag before the soap sets. Place the bag on a flat surface to set or else the bottom will set rounded and won't stand up.

This is the equipment I used. I can tell you what not to do! I don't know why the photo stretched.

The ice cube tray was a bad idea
I melted the soap, but couldn't keep it clear, I'm not sure how to prevent that, I think I stirred to much and heated it too much. The clear soap base is more sensitive than I thought I added watermelon scent(from the kit) but because It smelt disgusting straight from the bottle, I don't think I put in enough. The hardest thing was get the bags open and upright to pour the soap in. After much trial and error, this was my solution. Peg each top side to an icy pole stick and then hang them on the clothes airer thusly (thusly isn't a word?). I really don't think the bags were big enough for the job.:

I should patent my design
The next problem was finding a small container to put the fish in and a small amount of soap. I tried the ice cubes first and it was a disaster, I couldn't get the soap out and i froze it, (too long) and it lost all transparency. Then I tired the coke up. (see above) and that worked better. Here's the finished product, and I can't take good photos.

Orange fish, this is the best one.
yellow fish
Poor purple fish with his head embedded in an ice cube.
The finished product is ok. I am NOT in a hurry to do it again. If I did, I'd use bigger bags, clearer soap and cut out the first step.

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  1. This is great, getting ready to make these and thought i'd do a quick search. I had visions in my head of this taking about 10 mins and being beautiful. Will i ever learn?