Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rather Alooming news.

Ok, that sounded much better in my head. Anyhow. I ordered these awesome looms and they arrived at my doorstep last week. I was home all day and didn’t hear anyone put the package at my door, rather creepy yeah?

The looms are quite large. The work on the blue loom is a "sleeve".

The pick thingy. (Is that what it's called)

I am learning as I go, but the normal stitch is easy, and just like a giant knitting Nancy/knitting bee/knitting ned/french knitting/spool knitting . I can cast off a gather for hats. That is it. I haven't figured out how to cast off an edge, that's why the sleeve is still on the loom. My daughter T, decided to make sleeves because her arms get cold in bed or something? I want to learn the other stitches and to make socks, I'll figure it out one day. My first hat went ok, but it's waaaaaay to small.

Teeny hat

But it fits perfectly on this Teddy.

My next had went better, I used three strands of wool and the next size up loom

I got a bit excited with the dangly thingy, it's about a metre long! Whoopsie.

Unclear photo of me demonstrating the length of the dangly bit
I wore it to vote. Stay tuned for more loom work, or not.

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