Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Movie: Beetle Juice

Beetlejuice 1988

I seem to be watching a lot of 80s movies lately. I enjoyed it, it was a bit weird. Not sure if it was meant to be scary because it wasn't, or serious, because it wasn't that either. None of the dead people seemed to perturbed that they were dead. It was like, "look the toast popped, honey I think  we're dead, what do you want on your toast?" Also, none of the alive people seem to care that much that there are ghosts in the house. I think thats the point, and I missed something. Oh my, the clothes they were awful, but I think that was a point as well. Damn it.

I was a bit disappointed that the original spelling of Betelgeuse wasn't used for the movie as Tim Burton wanted, because Betelgeuse is this awesome orange star.


The movie features
Alec Baldwin
Geena Davis
Winona Ryder
Michael Keaton

It was interesting seeing a Teenage Winona in one of her first roles, she was so pretty. I don't seem to hear much of her, whatever happened to her?
I liked seeing all the actors when they were younger, and giggle at the fashions.

It was a good movie, a must see if you haven't. A little strange, but thats the point.

Trivia and Quotes after the jump


In the wedding scene, Lydia's dress is a bright red. According to the old rhyme about wedding dress colors, it's "Married in red, better off dead."
When Adam and Barbara are in the office, a voice on the PA systems announces the arrival of Flight 409 ("Flight 409 is arriving at Gate 3"). On October 6, 1955 United Airlines Flight 409 crashed into a mountain over Wyoming killing all passengers and crew aboard. It was the worst crash in history to that point. To this day, no one knows why it crashed.
(clever, but morbid?)
Betelgeuse's name is spoken exactly 20 times in the film--8 from Barbara, 2 from Juno, 5 from Adam, and 5 from Lydia.


Charles(to Delia): It's okay, there's no damage. See? It's okay. A good sturdy comfy craftsmanship. And look at that kitchen. You're finally gonna be able to cook a decent meal.


Betelgeuse: Go ahead... make my millenium.
Adam: Cabin fever, hon?

Barbara: Well, I can't clean anything properly. The vacuum's out in the garage and we can't leave the house. Why don't they tell us something? I mean, where are all the other dead people in the world? Why is it just you and me?

Adam: Maybe this is heaven.

Barbara: In heaven there wouldn't be dust on everything.
Lydia: Are you the guys hiding out in the attic?

Adam: We're ghosts!

Lydia: What do you look like under there?

Adam: Aren't you scared?

Lydia: I'm not scared of sheets. Are you gross under there? Are you Night of the Living Dead under there? Like all bloody veins and pus?

Adam: Night of the what?

Lydia: Living Dead. It's a movie.

Barbara: You know, if I had seen a ghost at your age I would have been scared out of my wits.
Adam: [reading] 'Handbook of the Recently Diseased'.

Barbara: ...*deceased*.

Adam: Deceased?

Barbara: I don't know where it came from. Look at the publisher.

Adam: [does so] 'Handbook for the Recently Deceased Press'.

Barbara: You know what? I don't think we survived the crash!

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