Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jet Lag

I am back home safely. Hooray.

I feel terrible. I don't know if it's Jet Lag. Technically I don't know what Jet Lag is, but lets just pretend it is. For a start, the average temperature difference between departure and arrival location was 10 degrees hotter. The time difference is 3 hours negative. Let me say, I am not a morning person, I don't like to get up, before 9. 10 is ideal. I suffer insomnia and spend most of the night not sleeping, but when the sun comes up, I inexplicably fall asleep. Getting up by or before 8 requires planning and incredible will power. So I get home at about midnight local time, and 3 am previous time. Got up early the next day and managed to unpack all the suitcase and do housework. I decided to have a break and asked my sister what the time was. 9.30 (yes AM). I did loads of stuff before 9.30, that's not like me, I was so shocked I got sleepy and napped for three hours.

The next  morning I got up after what I thought was a big lie in and my sister was there. "why aren't you at work?" I enquired "It's only 6.30 she answered" Oh righty. A bit later on my daughter wanders out, sees my sister, and asks "Are you having a day off today?" The whole day I was tired, hot, tired and restless and tired and managed to do very little the whole day. So I napped.

Tuesday morning I got up at 5.30!!! Oh gosh! I was hungry and had breakfast, then I got hungry again and had lunch at 9.30. I was still hot, still cranky, and restless. I didn't know whether to nap or which meal to eat, or what to do. I napped.

Today it's finally cooler and i got up 7.45, I am feeling better, but still have nothing done. *sigh* I think I'll go have a nap.

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