Thursday, October 28, 2010

There's a Pteranodon in my bedroom.

Pteranodon or Pterodactyl

I woke up at midnight last night, just like I have every night since I got home, because my alarm goes off.  Perhaps I should change it, but you know, I'm slack. I heard a flapping, scratching, thumping noise in my room, so loud I swore it was a Pteranodon or a wedgetailed eagle. It was so loud, I was scared. I hid under my pillow, but then ran out of oxygen, so I slowly emerged. The noise got closer and closer, I was so scared, then it LANDED ON MY ARM. OMG the giant flapping thing touched me. GET IT OFF GET IT OFF GETITOFFGETITOFF!!! I bravely turned on my bed-side lamp, and discovered a moth, about 2 cm long.

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