Friday, January 28, 2011

11/365 The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden 1993

I liked this movie. It was a bit different to the book, but I don't think I've read the book. However my daughter has, and we watched it together as she pointed out all the differences and gave bits away. It explores lots of issues, I particularly like the issue with Colin, everyone telling him he's sick therefore he acts sick and is sick. So tragic. It also portrays how much impact parenting has on children, yet despite this they can over-come them.

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I love the magic, the innocence and of course the magnificent gardens. It's a classic, with many adaptions.  I haven't seen/read any other to compare. I recommend it. Good movie to watch with your kids.

IMDB The Secret Garden

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  1. I might see if we can get our hands on this one. I think I'd like to watch it for myself, and it's so hard to find movies I want to watch that my kids could actually watch too, lol! Plus, the message sounds fantastic. I've never read the book, either.

    What I'm really looking for too, is a really good movie version of 'Heidi'. I'd love to watch that with my children